Missions is a key focus of Living Waters Church Kyabram. We believe we are not only called to impact the people of our church, but the greater community and world around us.

Local Missions

Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge endeavour to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.

Vision Radio

Living Waters hosts the transmitter for Vision Radio in Kyabram. If you are within the Kyabram area you can tune in on 88.0 FM

Emergency Relief

Living Waters contributes to a variety of different causes in the community. This includes helping people with food parcels and providing financial and budgeting help. We also provide counselling services.

Global Missions

Paul & Deb Hilton

Paul & Deb are long term field workers in Vietnam who are passionate about seeing the people in their world become all that God desires them to be. They have gained incredible favour with government and communities by working closely together to see real transformation happening at many levels.

Patrick & Gina Deller

South East Asia
Patrick and Gina Dellar are working in South East Asia. They are involved in community projects that engage the local community to make a difference one life at a time.

Katrina & Isac Condesse

Katrina and Isac with their children Gerron, Ethan and Kaitlyn, are living and working in Beira Mozambique. They have a new and exciting ministry called The Living Word Ministries. This ministry is focused on providing kid’s church material founded on the Living Word, to help churches develop strong kid’s ministries. There are plans in the future to develop a youth program as well as a parenting and marriage program that is based upon biblical principles.

John & Jenny Davidson

Carnarvon, Western Australia
John and Jenny Davidson are working with the Indigenous people of Australia in a culturally-relevant way in Carnarvon, Western Australia.

Sponsor Child

Ying Wanwalee Wongsarlot

Ying is sponsored by our LW Kids program.  She lives at Ban Meata Children’s Village in Thailand.

Mercy International

In 1974 Rob & Jean Dunk were challenged to adopt John Wesley’s perspective on Christianity – “The world is my parish”. They, with the support of their city-based church in Brisbane, Australia, helped and supported many people and organisations around the world that were making a difference in people’s lives.

In the early 1980’s Rob & Jean focused on Thailand, each year they held teaching seminars across Thailand for Pastors. It was during these times that they were challenged to do something for the disadvantaged children of Thailand.

Mercy International was commenced in 1985 by Rob & Jean with the support of their church. The sole aim of Mercy International is to help disadvantaged children reach their highest potential.

Christian Friends of Israel

Christian Friends of Israel is a practical ministry which seeks to demonstrate the love of God to the Jewish people and nation at every opportunity. It is not just “project and practically” centred for the sake of it, but uses those avenues to show the love of Christ in believers that comes through a personal relationship with Christ. The Jews, like all other people, need to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour in order to be saved from sin and death. Christian Friends of Israel stands firm on that truth and seeks to introduce all Jews to Jesus. Living Waters holds an Israel focused prayer meeting fortnightly.